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Portugal was born here - a long-lasting memory

In the Latito Hill there are three National Monuments: the Guimarães Castle, the Church of S. Miguel and the Ducal Palace. Come visit us. We await you!

  • Ducal Palace

    It was built by the 8th Count of Barcelos (and, later, 1st Duke of Bragança), D. Afonso, natural son of King D. João I.

  • Guimarães Castle

    Recognized as the castle that, par excellence, is most connected to the origins of Portugal.

  • Church of S. Miguel do Castelo

    The Romanesque Church of S. Miguel do Castelo is traditionally associated with the baptism of King Afonso Henriques.

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One of the most visited museums in Portugal

Between 2013 and 2022, the Ducal Palace, in Guimarães, welcomed over 3,2 million visitors! Every year, around half a million visitors chose to discover our monument. Find out why.

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Salão dos Passos Perdidos
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Sala de Passagem
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Galeria superior
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Salão Nobre
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Câmara de Dormir: D. Afonso
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Sala S. Miguel

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