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Latito Hill: The Gardens

Latito Hill: The Gardens

Latito Hill (951 AD – present time)

The first reference to the Latito Hill (Montis Latito) dates from 951 in a donation from the village of Melres to the Monastery of Guimarães. Years later, in 959, it is also mentioned in the Testament of Mumadona Dias (Alpe Latito) and, again, in 961 (Monte Latito) and in 968 (Alpe Latito).

Therefore, Latito Hill is a Medieval toponym for an area whose outlines are unknown but in which the Guimarães Castle was included.

Nowadays, the Latito Hill integrates the gardens around the Castle, the Church of S. Miguel and the Ducal Palace of the Bragança. It has around 39 000 m2 serving as a leisure area and footpath between the three National Monuments.

The park was renovated recently in order to embellish the area around the renowned Monuments in Guimarães.

On the main entrance, in front of the Ducal Palace, one may see the notorious statue of Afonso Henriques (by Soares dos Reis) welcoming visitors.