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Rua Conde Dom Henrique

4800-412 Guimarães

Ducal Palace

Ducal Palace

Ducal Palace: A 15th century Building

It was built for the 8th Count of Barcelos (who came to be the 1st Duke of Braganza), Afonso, a natural son of King João I. Its construction occurred between 1420 and 1433 around the time Afonso married Constança of Noronha.

It is believed that, in the 1500s, the Palace was still the residence of the Dukes of Bragança but, later, it went through a period of abandonment and consequent decay. In the 19th century, due to the French Invasions, the Palace became a military barracks. In the following century, during the Estado Novo regime, the Ducal Palace was rebuilt between 1937 and 1959.It opened to public in June 25 1959, when it became the Official Residence of the Portuguese President in the North of the Country. The objects that garnish the chambers are intended to re-create an inhabited manor house. The collections of tapestries, furniture, ceramics, paintings and weapons are noteworthy.


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