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War Hammer
Author: Unknown
Origin: Germany
Dating: 15th century
Material: Wood, Steel & Iron
Dimensions (cm): 54,5 x 5,5 x 28,2
Weight: 1431 g
Inv. no.: PD1057 / MAS 308 / A.G. 19

A war hammer whose head is rectangular, extending to a long, pointed and slightly curved punch. The wooden handle is not the original one.

It is a blunt weapon (as maces are) and its existence has been reported, at least, since the 2nd century BC.

The use of war hammers became popular in the mid-14th century with the development of suits of armour. These weapons made it possible to strike more efficiently than with swords when facing opponents in plate armour. Regularly, war hammers had heads with a flattened element but also with a sharp punch. Usually, the flattened part of the head wouldn’t penetrate armours. However, the punch that was able to pierce armour with some ease, got stuck frequently which left the attacker exposed until he managed to free the weapon.

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