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War Hammer
Author: Unknown
Origin: Germany
Dating: 15th century
Material: Wood, Steel & Iron
Dimensions (cm): 54,5 x 5,5 x 28,2
Weight: 1431 g
Inv. no.: PD1057

War hammers may be said to belong to the same “functional family” of maces (blunt weapons). However, it is thought that war hammers only appeared in the middle of the 14th century, combining a robust handle (usually cylindrical in shape and made of iron or steel) with a head composed of a metal block made from the same material, showing, on one side, a sharp tip and, on the other, a thick and flat surface both of which were designed to break the enemies’ body defences. According to some iconography, war hammers would be wielded with both hands, which is understandable given their size.

João Gouveia Monteiro

Objeto museológico (PDB)