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St. Gregory the Great
Author: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Dating: 18th century
Material: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions (cm): 135 x 161
Inv. no.: PNA491 / PNA66693 / PD0712dep

Saint Gregory the Great was born in Rome in 540. He studied Law and, at the age of 30, became the perfect of his home town. He embraced religious life as a Benedictine monk and earned a great reputation when Pope Pelagius II sent him as a Vatican Ambassador to the Byzantine Court in Constantinople. In 590, after the death of Pope Pelagius, he was proclaimed Pope.

He died in 604 and was buried in St. Peter’s Basilica (Vatican). Shortly after, he was canonised and honoured with the title of Doctor of the Church.

To him is owed the reform of the Liturgy and the arrangement of plainchant (liturgical music) also known as Gregorian chant. He is also responsible for the expression “Servant of the servants of God” as the official title for Popes.

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