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Portrait of Martim Velho Barreto
Author: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Dating: 17th century
Material: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions (cm): 234 x 143
Inv. no.: MNAA2025 / PD1346dep

A full-body portrait of Martim Velho de Barreto. He is wearing noble clothing: a jerkin with broad sleeves; white laced collar and cuffs; shorts and laced tall boots. He carries a sheathed sword in a shoulder strap.

In his left hand, he carries a hat with a white plume and his right hand points to a Village protected by a wall which represents the Castle of Salvaterra de Miño, in Galicia, built by his order. Houses, a river and surrounding mountains may be seen as well.

The figure is on a stone balustrade with a red curtain as background. On the upper corner one may see the Coat of Arms of his family. In the bottom left corner, below the representation of the Village, there is an inscription:

‘Castle of Salvaterra, in Galicia, whose construction order was given by Martim Velho Barreto, Nobleman of the house of his m.a. (?), being the first Controller of this Province by the acclamation of the King João IV, he then went to the Indian States as a Controller of the Royal Ranch of said king, where he passed away.’

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