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An Offering to Ceres
Author: Dirck van Baburen
Origin: Utrecht, Netherlands
Dating: 17th century
Material: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions (cm): 173 x 130
Inv. no.: PNA66705

The work of Dirck van Baburen comprises religious and genre scenes. He studied with Paulus Moreelse in Utrecht. In Italy, he had as patrons Vincenzo Giustiniani and Cardinal Scipione Borghese. Van Baburen’s work was influenced by Caravaggio and his theatrical chiaroscuro.

The Italian’s zooming effect, portraying half-length subjects, filling in the figures, also inspired Van Baburen’s dramatic compositions. When he returned to Utrecht, he continued to paint in the same style while working with Hendrick Ter Brugghen.

Van Baburen, Ter Brugghen and Gerard van Honthorst became known as “The Utrecht Caravaggists”.