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Portrait of King Luís I
Author: António Félix da Costa
Origin: Portugal (?)
Dating: 19th century
Material: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions (cm): 161 x 210
Inv. no.: 19-A / PD1203dep

King Luís I of Portugal is represented in this portrait from the waist up. He is in full military uniform, with white pants, dark jacket with folded cuffs and tall black boots.

The jacket is similar to that of the military uniform of the General of the Army, which could only be worn by the king. It has a three-coloured sash (lilac, green and red) with several decorations.

The Chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece and the sash of the Three Military Orders: Aviz, Christ and Santiago are identifiable.

On his shoulders, he has a mantle made of ermine fur and the rest of the fabric is red with drawings of the Portuguese Arms. He is carrying a sheathed sword in his gloved left hand.

His right hand rests on a book that has the word ‘CARTA’ written on it. Next to the book, there seems to be a pillow with the outline of a royal crown.

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