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Retrato do Rei D. Luís I
Autor: Carlos António Rodrigues dos Reis
Centro de Fabrico: Portugal (?)
Data: 1864
Material: Óleo sobre tela
Dimensões (cm): Larg. 99,5; alt. 123,4
Proprietário: Museu de Aveiro
N.º de Inventário: 18-A

King Luís (1838-1889) is one of the emblematic individuals of the House of Bragança that, in 1640, became the 4th reigning Portuguese dynasty.

He was born in Lisbon and lived with his parents – Queen Maria II and King Fernando – and his six siblings. Due to his father, he became a man of many Arts: he painted, played the piano and the cello, spoke several languages fluently and had a huge passion for oceanography.

As a man of liberal convictions, his reign was marked by great moments such as the abolition of the death penalty and of slavery. He was also responsible for the first Portuguese Civil Code. His epithet was “The Popular”.

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