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St. Jerome
Author: Unknown
Origin: Spain
Dating: 17th century
Material: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions (cm): 110,5 x 86,5
Inv. no.: MNAA1523 / PD0587dep

Saint Jerome (340-420 b.C.) dedicated all of his life to studying the Word of God in order to spread Christianity with maximum fidelity.

This painting depicts all that this Saint was and did. A simple garment covers only part of his body, ascertaining his humility. His white beard symbolizes not only his wisdom but also his advanced age. The book he leans on and the quill he holds remind his translation of the Bible into Latin: the Vulgate (which replaced the Hebrew and Greek versions). The skull and the cross refer to his renunciation of worldly pleasures and the trumpet symbolizes the Final Judgment. The head of a lion is also seen, evoking the legend in which he would have tamed the animal and healed a wound in its paw.

Saint Jerome is one of the four “Fathers of the Church”, along with Saint Ambrose, Saint Augustine and Saint Gregory the Great.

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