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Aubusson Tapestry
Author: Unknown
Origin: Aubusson, France
Dating: 18th century
Material: Wool & Silk
Dimensions (cm): 216 x 348
Inv. no.: PD0105

The so-called ‘verdures’ Tapestries – since they represent mainly landscapes and vegetal elements – responded surprisingly well to the decorative purpose of tapestries. Hanging on the walls around a chamber, they constituted the ‘chambres de verdures’ and transported the observer to a quiet and dreamy atmosphere inspired by the fantasy of their representations.

The Workshops in the region of Marche abundantly weaved the ‘verdures’ design . Contrary to the so-called ‘Feuilles d’Aristoloche’ Tapestries from the previous period – in which the Tapestries were sown with large and broad leaves in a characteristic outline – the 17th century brought about landscapes regulated by a unity principle. The composition was concerned with being colourful: behind a green foreground, the eye wanders in a landscape with trees, stretches of water and birds and small animals; the dark ambience of the foreground, contrasting with a rocky horizon often bathed with light, gave ‘verdures’ a great depth.

Maria Antónia Quina

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