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Engraving of the 3rd Duke of Bragança, Dom Fernando
Author: Carolus Leoni
Origin: France
Dating: 1755
Material: Copper Sheet & Paper
Dimensions (cm): 35 x 61
Inv. no.: PD1188

Dom Fernando II (1430 – 1478)

This son of the 2nd Duke of Bragança with Joana de Castro added, to his father’s title, the County of Guimarães for his services in the Battle of Ksar es-Seghir. He was responsible for the defense of the northeastern territory and, in 1464, he recieved previleges over the Collegiate of Santa Maria da Oliveira. He got his father’s title in 1478, but during the reign of King João II he lost his influence and came to be executed by treason.

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