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Engraving of the 4th Duke of Bragança, Dom Jaime
Author: Carolus Leoni
Origin: France
Dating: 18th century
Material: Copper Sheet & Paper
Dimensions (cm): 35 x 61
Inv. no.: PD1189

Dom Jaime (1479-1532)

This son of Fernando and Isabel was, in 1500, vested, by king Manuel, as Duke in the restoration of the House of Bragança. He was briefly deemed as a suitor for the Portuguese throne and he was responsible for beginning the construction of the Ducal Palace in Vila Viçosa and for increasing the civil and ecclesiastical powers of the Bragança Household until it became the most powerful in the kingdom.

Jaime is buried in the Pantheon of the Dukes in Vila Viçosa.

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