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Author: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Dating: 16th century
Material: Brass
Dimensions (cm): Ø 48
Inv. no.: PD0169

An offertory plate with relief engravings on the rim and on the well. The central motifs are an allegory of Paradise while the rim displays two deer, two hinds and two dogs.

Brass plates or salvers had several functions of a religious nature, for example, during the offertory.

However, considering the decorative motifs found in these plates, some believe they were used for both religious and profane usages.

For instance, there are references of plates which were offered to churches as a token of devotion but were later used as clerics’ meal plates or even as containers for them to wash their hands after meals. It is also known that these plates were used in specific religious rites such as baptisms or extreme unctions.

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