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Author: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Dating: 18th century
Material: Iron
Dimensions (cm): 41,6 x 64,8
Inv. no.: PD0036

During the cold weather, in the wealthiest homes, a fire was always kept lit, making the house more comfortable. On the hearthstone, there was almost always an andiron, in other words, an object against which the logs were leaned, in order to facilitate combustion.

In the humbler households, the andiron could be only a stone. However, in the wealthier homes, the andirons were made of iron and these pieces were of wrought iron.

On the base of the andiron, there is a horizontal crosspiece that was tied to two vertical supports so the set was placed on two pairs of legs. On the top, on one side there is a support to hold a bowl and, on the other side, there is a ring. As the name suggests, the purpose of the prop is to support a container that, due to the proximity to the fire, keeps its contents warm.

Objeto museológico (PDB)