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Itinerary: The impressiveness of the building

The Ducal Palace is impressive from the first glance…

It’s a building of great proportions, with immense granite walls dominated by the height turrets… The Paço arouses curiosity of the ones that see it and it produces an uncontainable desire of visiting it.

Inside, one is delighted by the size of the courtyard and by the the galleries that surround it. But quickly ones’ gaze is directed up to the portal of the chapel and to its high-inclined roof. The whole façade of this east wing captures the eye… There are windows of different shapes, balconies of granite, ogive doors, eccentric rooftops and the imposing, slender and monumental chimneys that rise towards the sky.

Although the Palace still upholds most of the original oriental e southern wings from the 15th century, it is hard to conceive conclusively how the areas were used at this time. Nonetheless one does not fail to feel the spirit of the place and there’s a delight in the ambiance of the great chambers with their high walls and in the ceilings shaped as inverted boats.

The Permanent Exhibition is in the 1st floor… The Ducal Palace hosts a Museum of Decorative Arts with tapestries, furniture, ceramics, paintings, sculpture, weapons… Most of the collection ranges from the 15th to the 18th centuries. The objects are distributed through the different chambers, trying to recreate the feeling of a Manor House.

We invite you to explore the different chambers and the enchanting objects in them.