Museum opening hours: 10:00 - 18:00

Visitation Rules

Visitation Rules

Visitation Rules

We know you will be enchanted by our chambers and out treasures so we count on you to help us preserve out heritage.

In order for you to enjoy our National Monuments – the Guimarães Castle, the Ducal Palace and the Church of S. Miguel, here are some recommendations.


General Information

Respect all instructions provided by the members of staff.

Although the Ducal Palace and the Guimarães Castle have open-air spaces, smoking or using any sort of electronic cigarette is not allowed.

Pets aren’t allowed, with the exception of dully identified assistance animals.

In order to preserve our collections, it is not allowed to touch objects, use flash, tripods or any other support brackets, to film, eat or drink.

When visiting with children, they should be near an adult.

Avoid behaviors that might disturb or compromise the safety of others and of the objects.


Information for Organized Groups

In the Ducal Palace and Guimarães Castle, official guides are granted priority to purchase tickets for their groups. Groups will not have priority – even if accompanied by an official guide – if the tickets are to be bought individually

This priority applies only in the act purchasing tickets. The access to the museum follows the order of arrival. Groups aren’t given priority of access over other visitors or over groups accompanied by the members of Staff of the Ducal Palace;
Every indication carried out by a member of staff must be followed both in the Palace as well as in the Castle.

There is a possibility for groups to acquire a priority ticket (admission ticket + 1.25 € per person), which allows priority access to the museum.

It is only allowed to change the regular visiting circuit, unless for groups accompanied by members of Staff of the Ducal Palace.