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Specialized Tours

Specialized Tours

Specialized Tours

Fee: Admission + 50%;
Min. no. of participants: 12 adults.

Visiting a museum with a guided tour allows you to have different experiences. It allows you to unveil objects and spaces in a more appealing and integrated way. Knowing the many stories that a museum object holds, behind the material it is made of, is to know its uses and, sometimes, its disuses and, above all, its life-story. Perceiving a monument that was once a house with life, gives life back to the house… It is worth experiencing!

In any season of the year, upon prior reservation, guided tours are available for adults .

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Educational activities require prior booking (preferably 8 days in advance).

The scheduling may be made by:
Email –
Phone – (+351) 253 105 568 (from Monday to Friday – except holidays – between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM).