Museum opening hours: Todos os dias, das 10h00 às 18h00 (última entrada 17h30).

Rua Conde Dom Henrique

4800-412 Guimarães




A museum is like a puzzle, it only becomes complete when all the pieces fit together. A museum is a building, a collection, experts look after it, research, visitors, marketing and the collection potentisation.

But, for this to be possible, museums need a staff and the staff needs to know how to welcome the visitors. In this area you may find our contact information.

Feel free to contact us!


Isabel Maria Fernandes
(+351) 253 412 273

Museum Mediation

Maria José Macedo
(+351) 253 105 568

Venue Hire

Celso Mesquita
(+351) 253 412 273

Administrative Services

Jacinta Pinto / Andreia Barbosa
(+351) 253 412 273 /

Gift Shop

Mónica Fernandes / Arlindo Leite
(+351) 253 412 273


Rua Conde Dom Henrique, 4800-412 Guimarães
(+351) 253 412 273


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