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Internships / Volunteering

Internships / Volunteering


At the Ducal Palace, the admission of Interns is processed according to the following terms and regulations:

– Members of staff must be available in order to coordinate and monitor internship programs;

– Integração do programa global de estágios no plano de atividades anual do museu;

– Internship programs must be included in the museum’s annual activity plan;

– Applied training must be provided to Interns according to the specific sector in which they intend to specialize and taking into consideration the vacant positions;

– An internship program mustn’t last over twelve months;

– The time schedule is to be defined in accordance with the internship coordinator;

Our Internships are quite diverse and may embark areas such as Art History, Museology, Conservation and Restoration, Marketing, Architecture, Design, Education, Communication, among others.

The application for internships must be addressed to the Ducal Palace through the Educational Institution and it must be complemented by an internship proposal.

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The civic involvement of the Ducal Palace allows volunteers to benefit from human and cultural enriching experiences. It is a path recently created which we intend to develop and enhance.

Supporting the monitoring of the museum, collaborating with the Educational Services, taking important action in welcoming visitors or developing studies, are activities that can be developed by all those who want to give a part of their time to a cause. Doing so they may acquire knowledge and participate in the preservation and enrichment of our Cultural Heritage.

Volunteers also benefit from free admission in the Museums and Monuments of the Direção Regional de Cultura do Norte and they have discounts on the purchase of products their Gift Shops.

If you wish to volunteer at the Ducal Palace, you should contact us through the following e-mail address:

We await your support.