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Objectives & Mission

Objectives & Mission


As stated on the Internal Regulations (Article 5):

The objectives of the Ducal Palace are:

– Register, investigate, divulge and preserve the estate (Ducal Palace, Castle and the Church of S. Miguel), as well as its collections;

– Establish bridges between the Ducal Palace and schools and the wider community through educational, cultural and social activities;

– Develop activities prone to attract, diversify and staunch publics;

– Foster cultural activities that may be deemed relevant fot the region;

– Acquire objects deemed relevant for the monuments, within the incorporation policy and the existent financial possibilities;

– Establish and enforce the appropriate preventive conservation rules for the monuments and their collections;

– Define and enforce the access and visitation rules in the monuments in order to safeguard the estate, collections and individuals;

– Update the records of the Palace, namely the collection inventory;

– Integrate the estate localy, regionaly and nationaly;

– Develop historical studies on the House of Bragança;

– Promote the internationalisation of the Ducal Palace – Latito Hill. Develop institutional relations with national and international entities in order to foster data interchange and to procure potential common projects;

– Create and develop a Science and Research Center on the foundation of Portugal.



As stated on the Internal Regulations (Article 4):

The main Mission of the Ducal Palace – Latito Hill is:

– To preserve, catalogue, document, value, divulge and study the tutored heritage, which may be parcelled: o Immovable heritage (the Ducal Palace, the Guimarães Castle, the Church of S. Miguel and the surrounding area) and the movable heritage (the monument’s collection).

– Official Residence of the Portuguese President.