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Author: Unknown
Origin: China
Dating: 18th-19th century (Qing Dynasty)
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions (cm): 63 x Ø 38,5
Inv. no.: PD0327

Baluster-shaped pot of heavy and dense porcelain. It has a dome-shaped fitting lid with a flattened knob with a spout. The “blown blue” technique was applied on the exterior – hence the dotted marks due to the powdering with cobalt blue pigment – finished with a shiny slightly greyish glaze. There are slight traces of gold decoration on the glaze. The lid has a metal strip – fixed with small screws – and a star-shaped clasp which overlaps a metal ring in the neck.

The “blown blue” technique consists in blowing powdered cobalt blue pigment through a bamboo cane – wrapped at the end in gauze – over the raw surface of an object. This produces cloudy blue shades, built by overlapping adhered particles, which may present a variable spectrum of blue shades – from the deepest sapphire to the faint greyish blue.

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