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Author: Unknown
Origin: China
Dating: 18th century (Qing Dynasty)
Material: Porcelain & Metal
Dimensions (cm): 49,5 x Ø 40,5
Inv. no.: PD0342

Baluster-shaped pot of heavy and dense porcelain. The “blown blue” technique was applied on the exterior – hence the dotted marks due to the powdering with cobalt blue pigment. There are slight traces of gold decoration on the glaze.

The “blown blue” technique consists in blowing powdered cobalt blue pigment through a bamboo cane – wrapped at the end in gauze – over the raw surface of an object. This produces cloudy blue shades, built by overlapping adhered particles, which may present a variable spectrum of blue shades – from the deepest sapphire to the faint greyish blue.

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