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Author: Unknown
Origin: Portugal
Dating: 17th century
Material: Wood, Leather & Brass
Dimensions (cm): 137,6 x 66,6 x 67,3
Inv. no.: PD0307

A chair with a high rectangular backrest in carved leather with golden nailing.

Leather comes from tanned animal skin that undergoes through several procedures until reaching the final product. Then, several decorative techniques take place in order to proceed with the artwork. In this case, leather wallpaper was the chosen method: the design (made from paper) was pencil drawn in the leather (when damp, so it would to be malleable), then marked with a stylus and, lastly, opened with proper carving tools.

Leather is customarily decorated with geometric, vegetal or serial motifs, stylized elements, eagles, other birds, felines, etc. Coats of arms are also frequently found in leather backrests.

Objeto museológico (PDB)