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Scipio Series: Meeting of Scipio Africanus with Hannibal
Author: Andries Van den Dries
Origin: Brussels, Flanders
Dating: 1636-1671
Material: Wool & Silk
Dimensions (cm): 310 x 300
Inv. no.: PD0277

In the centre, one may see Scipio with his Generals’ baton observing his enemies on the other side of the river; next to him, a warrior holds a spear. In the background, on the right, the Roman army waits for the signal to start the battle. Near the opposite riverside, a figure dressed in eastern clothes (possibly Hannibal?) leads his army; an elephant may be seen at the rear. The border of the tapestry has floral wreaths, fruit and animals: on the upper corners there are birds and, in the bottom ones, one may see hares and dogs.

Tapeçaria Encontro de Cipião, O Africano, com Aníbal Barca