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Portable Baldachin
Author: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Dating: 18th century
Material: Wood, Silver, Velvet & Silk
Dimensions (cm): 55,5 x 35,5 x 5,7
Inv. no.: MNMC6602 / PD1171

Portable baldachins are mountable pieces – resembling small baldachins – which, when closed, look like books. As the name suggests, they may be carried and used wherever convenient. Being so, they have a base, a back panel and a canopy meant to set an ostensorium or a ciborium during the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

The object resembles a Missal and has silver inlays lined with red velvet. The central inlays in each cover display the coat of arms of the Cistercian Order and the inlays on the corners bear Eucharistic emblems and symbols.

Portable baldachins, due to their size, were commonly used in religious celebrations outside the churches, namely to take the Eucharist to the sick, but also to the dying.

Objeto museológico (PDB)