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Bedchamber: D. Afonso

Bedchamber: D. Afonso

Bedchamber: Afonso, 1st Duke of Bragança

This bedchamber is one of the six chambers, divided into two floors, that constituted the private quarters of Afonso, the 1st Duke of Bragança.

The warm air from the fireplace in the antechamber heated the area by means of the passage that is still visible today.

In front of the entrance one may see a door with an ogive that leads to a spiral staircase. This passage allowed a private access to the 2nd floor chambers. The other door that can be seen leads to an even smaller chamber that might have been used as a wardrobe.

The collection displayed is from the 17th and 18th centuries: pieces of furniture, paintings, sculpture and ceramics.