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Cartridge Pouch
Author: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Dating: 18th century
Material: Metal & Wood
Dimensions (cm): 13,7 x 7,5 x 9,5
Inv. no.: PD1084

A cartridge box with five with compartments. The core is in wood, covered with galvanised plate. The plate is decorated with geometric motifs in relief and the lid has a head sided by wings. It has a small spring clasp with a spur that lodges in the frontal hole of the lid.

Cartridge pouches hold cartridges or other projectiles for reloading firearms. They were worn around the waist or on a shoulder belt.

They are believed to have been introduced by the arquebusiers of the Tercio, a 15th century Spanish military unit created by Charles V to fight in Flanders during the Habsburg rule. Each pouch of these arquebusiers held twelve loads of gunpowder and so they became known as “The Twelve Apostles”.

Without a cartridge pouch, a soldier would have to use a powder horn or another similar canister. This allowed him to shoot once or twice a minute. The use of a cartridge pouch, which kept pre-measured loads of gunpowder, allowed three to four shots per minute.

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