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Kettle Hat
Author: Unknown
Origin: Germany
Dating: 15th century
Material: Iron
Dimensions (cm): 16 x 29 x 36,5
Weight: 979 g
Inv. no.: PD1094

A kettle hat, in hammered iron, consisting of two halves combined longitudinally at a rim to reinforce the top. The halves are wedged by a raised rim which increased the protection of the skull.

This mean of protection was introduced in Western Europe in the late 13th century. It remained in use throughout the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries as an alternative to enclosed helmets.

There are multiple kettle hat designs, from the rounder to the pointy models, with wider or reduced brims depending on their purposes. Wider brims could, not only protect the wearer’s face and shoulders when attacked, but also block rainwater or sunlight. Kettle hats were commonly wore along with aventails or gorgets and frequently had chin straps.

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