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Author: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Dating: 15th-16th century
Material: Iron
Dimensions (cm): 21 x 21
Weight: 1300 g
Inv. no.: PD1088

A piece of shoulder protection, consisting of six overlapping plates which were connected to each other with three rivets (one in the centre and the other two on the sides). The upper and lower plates are clearly wider than the others. The bottom plate has an iron buckle, probably to allow articulation between the shoulder and the arm. Regarding the decoration, the piece displays double-incised lines along the edge of each plate (mostly using a light undulating undercut) and through the wider plate (following its upper edge). It also has, on the side and bottom edges, a row of rivets. The front and rear parts of the wider plate also display a circle of rivets, with one of them isolated at the centre.

João Gouveia Monteiro

Objeto museológico (PDB)