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Author: Unknown
Origin: Germany
Dating: 15th century
Material: Iron
Dimensions (cm): 43 x 37,5 x 20,5
Inv. no.: PD1085

A breastplate of wrought-iron with two buttons for fastening leather straps that attached to the back. The four apertures matched each strap.

Breastplates or chestplates, designed for the defence of the torso, were essential elements on a suit of armour. They protected the front part of the torso and were originally composed of a single plate of iron or steel. Conceivably, at a very early age, they were used as chainmail reinforcements.

This object was fastened through two sets of orifices in the shoulder area and through two bolts on the bottom sides. It has no decoration, probably because it was intended to be worn under another piece.

So that the wearer of the armour would not cut himself with his own breastplate, the edges were turned outwards, which also reinforced the resistance on the edges.

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