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Author: Unknown
Origin: Jingdezhen Kilns, China
Dating: 17th century (Qing Dynasty, Kangxi period)
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions (cm): 90 x Ø 50,5
Inv. no.: PD0480

One of two pots, in thick white porcelain, painted in cobalt blue on a white glaze. The lids, of western origin, are topped by rampant lions in gilded metal.

These pieces are full of symbolism and express good luck, not only through the decoration with flowering branches – representing the four seasons – but also through the representation of various insects – symbolising longevity and the renewal of the cycle of life.

Porcelain objects were not only treasured in China, but also in the rest of the world. The elegance and quality of Chinese porcelain earned the attention of the Portuguese. At the beginning of the 16th century, it began to be massively imported into Europe and became greatly appreciated by the wealthier classes.

Objeto museológico (PDB)